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The My Life, My Quit program is a free and confidential service for teens who want help quitting all forms of tobacco including vaping. Our Coaches receive extensive training as tobacco treatment specialists through our CTTTP-accredited program, with additional training on adolescent cognitive and psychosocial developmentfrom a psychologist and professor at Stanford University who specializes in adolescent tobacco prevention.

Coaches use motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavioral techniques to help teens:

  • • Develop a quit plan.
  • • Identify triggers for tobacco use.
  • • Practice refusal skills.
  • • Obtain ongoing support for changing behaviors.

Teens who participate in the program receive:

  • • Five, one-on-one coaching sessions usually scheduled every 7-10 days.
  • • Self-help and educational materials with input from teens.
  • • Real-time support available anytime over the phone, and with limited hours by text messaging or online chat

My Life, My Quit does not provide cessation medications to anyone under age 18. Teens who request medications are referred to a healthcare professional to discuss whether medications are an option to support their quit attempt.

My Life, My Quit is developed and operated by National Jewish Health, the nation's leading respiratory hospital and academic research center. National Jewish Health operates quitline programs in numerous states and has helped more than one million people with their quit attempts. My Life, My Quit is funded for use in your state by the department of health as part of the quitline program.

While the decision to quit tobacco is always one teens must make themselves, there are several ways you can help promote the My Life, My Quit program.

  • • Let teens know that you are concerned about the impact of tobacco use, including vaping, on their current and long-term health.
  • • Tell them you want to support their plan to stop and ask if they will sign up for the My Life, My Quit program. Be sure to mention it is free and confidential.
  • • If they are not willing to enroll right then, provide them with information about how to enroll and let them know they have support to help them quit.
  • • If a teen is ready to get started, they can text, call or enroll online. It's fast and simple.
  • • Some teens may want your help taking the first step of calling or sending the text. But remember, they need to do the work in order to be successful.

Free Promotional Materials

You can download and print My Life, My Quit posters to display in your classroom and school. Or, contact your state health department for printed materials to be mailed to you. Additional marketing and education materials are available. Email healthinitiatives@njhealth.org to request a Marketing and Media Toolkit. All materials on the mylifemyquit.com website are copyrighted by National Jewish Health, and are available for use without further permission by citing National Jewish Health as the source.

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